AIMS Jupyter Notebooks

While the GUI is useful for those with little to no experience using python, unfortunately given the time commitment required to create a functional GUI the available features incorporated can lag behind significantly. For the most up-to-date analysis pipelines, fastest code, and maximal flexibility, it is recommended that the Jupyter Notebooks are used. I have tried to explain step by step within the notebooks how to run them. It may take a while, but reading through the markdowns and comments should give the user a good feel for what each code block is doing.

Notes on Notebooks

If using Anaconda-Navigator, you should just be able to launch Jupyter Lab from the main application. If using terminal, you can install Jupyter lab using:

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

and start using the notebooks by navigating to the notebooks directory in terminal and typing in:

jupyter lab

Notebook Options

Further info on what each of these notebooks does is coming soon!